Here we go:

I’m officially launching my website and store- the store doesn’t have anything to buy yet. But it exists. Isn’t that really the point, in the end?

Probably not for a store.

My book of poetry and illustrations will eventually be available there. I’m shooting for January 2020 for publishing. It is poetry for people who hate poetry. I can’t promise that it’s any good, but it does live up to its title- Rohheit- which means ‘rawness’ in German. It is written in English, but some German is interspersed to highlight what English just can’t quite get at. I think the illustrations are hilarious, but you must have a particularly dark sense of humor to agree.

I will occasionally have original paintings for sale there as well.

We never made it
Though how we tried
We thought we would
And then we died — ‘Summary’–Rohheit

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