ROHHEIT: I’m bleeding out

So, the crazy pile of mush that has fallen out of my head is officially published and out there in the world. I always wanted to write a book- about what I never knew- but it was one of those things you tell yourself that “other people” do. Not something that is achievable for you. I told myself that for nearly forty years. Then it suddenly dawned on me: why the fuck not? Who gives a shit if it’s terrible, or if no one buys it. Those are bad reasons not to do something. So I set to work on ROHHEIT while holed up in a hotel room, isolated, for three months- if you’ve ever spent significant amounts of time in hotel rooms in strange dead cities- you know that shit can get weird. It certainly did for me. There are things deep in all of us that we can either ignore and push away, or lean into. I scratched and dug at all the things I never want to look at- so that you can look at them instead. It’s rough, and it’s raw- but it is absolutely real.

This is the year I do all the things that I’ve told myself I never will. Because I fucking can.

So can you. Fuck it, love it, do it.

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